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Surge, Shock, & Lighting Protection Services in Topeka, Kansas and Surrounding Areas

Surge, Shock, and Lighting Protection

Davis Electric Construction LLC is dedicated to help you protect your home from accidental surges and lightning strikes. Allowing us to help you will help protect electrical devices in your home such as the following:
  • Computers
  • Home Theatre Components
  • Televisions
  • Gaming Systems
  • Washer and Dryers
Electric Board Fuse - Electric Services in Topeka, KS
Accidental Shock Prevention…..

Do you even find yourself getting a little "zap" when you touch a faucet, shower head, or sink rim? These are items that are usually easy to repair. We will check to see if there is proper grounding, and check the polarity of the electrical device nearby to ensure it was wired correctly. Ground Fault circuit interrupters (GFCI's) should also be installed to prevent water shock in areas such as bathrooms, kitchens, garages, and unfinished areas of your home. They prevent shock from water hazards.

More Information about Grounding.....

There are also other important items that need to be installed to insure you have proper grounding in your home. Such as a ground rod connected to your meter can, and a ground wire connected to your water pipe system to ensure shock and hazard protection.